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Controlli valves and actuators

Controlli valves and actuators are the best in the HVAC industry. This is the logical result of 80 years of experience and constant improvement. The high quality of Controlli valves and actuators ensures flawless operation of all cooling and heating systems and utterly satisfied end users. Every HVAC professional knows that a satisfied customer is a business asset.

Complete range of Controlli valves and actuators

KTC offers the complete range of Controlli valves and actuators. The valve range consists of globe valves, butterfly valves, shoe valves, zone valves and terminal unit valves. Controlli offers rotary actuators, electro-mechanical and electro-thermal linear actuators. All of the Controlli valves and actuators come in different models so there is a perfect fit for every installation. Even for industrial uses there special heavy duty models that are suited for industrial processes and plants.

Controlli valves and actuators: the highest quality

All Controlli valves and actuators are made of high-grade materials and still Controlli keeps on refining and improving all their products. An innovation like smart control ensures an accurate flow modulation in the actuators. The Controlli valves and actuators are above all renowned for their energy efficiency and flawless performance. This makes them the best choice in the HVAC industry.

Controlli valves and actuators with KTC service

On top of the high quality of the Controlli valves and actuators, KTC offers superb service. Our experts help HVAC professionals to make the best choice in technical components and tools for their business and their customers. We have made a pre-selection of premium products of the most reliable high quality brands in the industry. If these readily available products do not suffice, we even develop custom made solutions in co-creation with our clients. We love to provide the optimal product to every HVAC business. For more information about Controlli valves and actuators, our other products like starter set domotica and service, feel free to call at 31 33 888 6799/ +31 6 5088 1549 or send mail to info@ktc-nederland.com.


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