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KTC (Karsten Technical Components)

For 5 years KTC supplies and implements solutions for the HVAC and Refrigeration industry. Our product line includes industry leading brand names such as Brigon, Buveco, Controlli, DEOS, Drayton, Eberle, Eliwell, Erie, Gruner, Invensys, Mastercool, Oppermann and Stuhl.

KTC offers flexible solutions, excellent customer service, effective communication lines between customers and suppliers which results in satisfied customers.

KTC: pro-active, service & solution-oriented, quality



Our top brands


Haarlerberg 12
3825CD Amersfoort

Tel: +31 (0)33-888 6799
Gsm: +31 (0)65-088 1549
Email: info@ktc-nederland.com

About us

KTC provides climate control solutions for the HVAC market. Our clients include manufacturers, wholesalers, installers, system integrators and provide solutions for homes and businesses.

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